Martijn & Elisabeth: the initiators

Martijn & Elisabeth

The initiators of C Major Festival are Martijn C. Veenstra and Elisabeth Hopman.
Since April last year Martijn and Elisabeth have been living in beautiful Grolloo. “A beautiful place where we enjoy the rural surroundings together.”

Martijn is a cultural entrepreneur: conductor, musician and producer, known for ‘Zoo Mooi, Ode to Aleid Rensen’. Elisabeth can be heard as a flutist, both as a soloist and in an orchestra or ensemble and teaches flute lessons.

The entire cultural sector has been severely undermined by the coronavirus and by everything that has brought it. Concerts, music association, choirs, theatre, everything is at a standstill. And close to home, the International Blues Festival and Grolloo Flute Sessions have unfortunately also been cancelled. The result is a void, a deafening silence. And now? It is a time when we too have started to think about how we can take new paths, of course taking into account the corona measures. How can we make the music sound again? How can we give our audience another beautiful evening where you can let go of the worries of everyday life and just dream away at beautiful sounds? How can we bring the positive feeling of cheerful, splashy music to the listeners? And that’s how our idea came about! Performances in the church of Grolloo with the idyllic look, the good acoustics and the warm atmosphere. The perfect place for a beautiful concert. Various styles are covered up.

We have a fantastic team, together we organize the C Major Festival. The festival that will go on! With the C Major Festival we motivate ourselves and our colleagues to bet on opportunities and opportunities. Hope, love and life, that’s what we stand for. Together we will also take up this challenge. Are you coming?

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