C Major Festival makes music possible in these challenging times. Where many major events and festivals were cancelled, C Major Festival won’t let you down. In August there will be multiple concerts waiting for you. And you know what? You can be there, live! Enjoy music together with a roommate, loved one and/or family member.

Completely Corona-proof, we bring you your favourite music ‘live’ in an intimate setting at a unique location, the village church in Grolloo. The concerts of C Major Festival will be an all inclusive night out. From the very beginning where we will welcome you with a nice cup of coffee/thee up until a drink afterwards. 

Enjoying a care free night out  is back. Want something to eat before or after the concert? No problem! We can provide you dinner prior or after the concert. It’s all been taken care of.

During this first festival there are three evenings filled with music, ‘live’ from the village church in Grolloo.The themes of these evenings are chosen on the basis of the (unfortunately) cancelled popular events that are held annually in Grolloo, the ‘Blues Village’ of the Netherlands! Besides Blues there will be a classical evening and an evening in honour to Drenthe, our province.